9 Key Considerations For Retreat Planning Post-COVID

Conversation With Alejandro About Key Considerations For Retreat Planning Post-COVID

1. Check In With Yourself and Your Clients. Ask, Are You Ready?

Jen: Depending on where in the world you are, everyone’s facing a slightly different set of circumstances. However, could you provide some general guidance on how to think about if and when it’s time to plan a new retreat or move forward with rescheduling a postponed one?

2. Traveling Closer To Home Can Reduce Complexity and Lead To More Confident Clients

3. Keep Up To Date With The Evolving Situation

Jen: Yes! If you’re interested in monitoring the situation in the coming weeks, two great resources are this map from Kayak.com with real-time updates on which countries are open to international travel as well as this one from the CDC, which shows COVID-related travel risk by country.

4. Revise Your Pricing, Insurance, T&Cs, and Cancellation Policies To Reflect The Times

5. Be Strategic In Pricing To Make Your Offering More Accessible

Jen: On the pricing front, I’d add that you can be a bit strategic; regardless of the core price point, do what you can to help your offering be accessible to all. Maybe offer a payment plan if you haven’t done this in the past, make cost-intensive activities optional add-ons, or run certain promotions that help on both sides (for example, a discount for signing up with a friend). Talk directly with people who may have heightened cost sensitivity at the moment, and try to be creative about finding ways to meet them where they are.

6. Negotiate Your Retreat Center Contracts For Better Flexibility

7. Get Detailed Hygiene Plans From Venues and Vendors

Ale: Other things that are very important at the moment is to ask retreat centers about the hygiene measures they’re implementing for both their guests and their employees.

8. Communicate Expectations To The Group, Pre-Travel

Jen: Do you have any further thoughts on the retreat leader’s role, specifically in mitigating risks? Any things you might do in terms of your planning process or communication with your group?

9. Safety Is A Team Effort

Jen: To me, it’s jointly the responsibility of the host venue, the retreat leader, and all participants to make sure each person is doing all they can to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Final Thoughts

Despite the complexities involved in retreat planning post-COVID, considering these points will help you to jump back in better prepared.



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Jen Corley

Jen Corley

I head the Retreats & Wellness Travel segment of WeTravel, an online payment and registration platform for group travel.